Data is one of the central problems of our era—we have more of it than we can parse...

Encountering Data

Data is one of the central problems of our era—we have more of it than can parse, and the question then becomes how we sort, categorize, and otherwise make it legible for interpretation and analysis. Much of this data still exists only as strings of numbers read by machines and then by humans, but in recent years researchers have begun to harness the power of visualization and sonification, as well as the potential for tactile interaction. The ability to perceive data in multiple formats – image, sound, touch – adds immeasurably to the possibilities of understanding and inspecting the massive sets of data that researchers in all disciplines are constantly accumulating. Thus, addressing the problem of data demands that conversations take place across a wide range of disciplines. Encountering Data showcases recent works in computer science, art, physics, music, mathematics, and intersections thereof.


cDACT would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Stony Brook FAHSS Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund as well as support from the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics. 

Thursday, 2/9

3:00 Lecture 1: “The Use of Data Manipulation Techniques in the Music of Iannis Xenakis”
-Stefanos Thomoploulos – Wang Center Lecture Hall I

4:00 Lecture 2: “Hello_World!: Global Data in the Works of Art of Failure”
-Nicolas Maigret  - Wang Center Lecture Hall I

5:15 Workshop Theatrical Event: “Phison 7: A Futuristic Look at Immigration Through Interactive Performance”
- Jeanette Yew – Wang Center Chapel, followed by Lecture Hall I

6:30 Art Exhibition Reception, SAC Gallery
-Works by: The Art of Failure, Brooke Singer, Dan Tesene, Joseph Esser, Moira Williams, Nicholas Maigret, Paul Prudence, Reena Katz, Shawn Greenlee, Timothy Vallier

Friday, 2/10

4:00 Lecture 3: “Using End-User Machine Learning to Build Data-Driven Musical Instruments”
-Rebecca Fiebrink – Simons Center

5:00 Lecture 4: “Looking Around Corners: Capturing Light in Motion”
-Andreas Velten – Simons Center

6:00 Reception – Simons Center

8:00 Concert – Staller Center Recital Hall
-Performances and works by: The Art of Failure, Carr Wilkerson, Iannis Xenakis, Jorge Herrera, Luke Dahl, Margaret Schedel, Mark Ballora, Sarah O’Halloran, Shawn Greenlee, Stephanos Thomopoulos, Timothy Vallier

10:00 Party – University Cafe
-With a Performance by Adriano Clemente